Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter 2012

Here is a belated Easter 2012 post. I guess not so belated as this. On Easter Saturday we attended midnight mass as is tradition followed by breaking of our fast at my mother-in-laws home. On Easter Sunday we had lunch at my parent's place followed by visiting my husband's cousins. It was a food filled 24 hours!
Firstly, supper at my mother in law's...
Roast lamb with twice cooked eggs, first boiled and then fried.
Bechemel, a traditional Egyptian pasta bake with bechemel sauce and minced meat.
Crumbed beef kofta and veal schnitzel
Chicken schnitzel
Garden salad
For dessert, my take on Bourke Street Bakery's Flourless Chocolate Cake. Made two of these cakes, one for the Saturday night and one for the Sunday lunch. Both were so delicious. Will post up recipe up soon. 

Lunch at my parent's place
Meatloaf with boiled egg. Love. 
Roast turkey with herb and freekeh stuffing - moist and delicious with roast vegetables
Veal schnitzel
Roast chicken
Molokhia soup - traditional Egyptian soup made with the leaves of Corchorus species. Another dish I'll be posting the recipe soon to. 

Flowers of the day

Sweets later that night
Apologies for the amount of photographs!


  1. I so shouldn't have read that post when I am starving! I'm practically drooling all over my keyboard. You're so lucky to have so many good cooks in your family :)

  2. I know so very fortunate. Twice as much good food to eat!


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