Thursday, September 13, 2012

London: Part Three: A day at Wimbledon

Okay, bad blogger I am. It's been a while. I've been rather occupied at the moment. Good news is I'm starting a new job in a few works! So excited. I've been with my current firm for over 4 years so it was definitely time for a change. Can't wait. 

As a tennis fan one thing you dream for is to go to Wimbledon. Earlier in the year after realising we would be in London at the time of the tournament, we tried to get tickets to go. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any. I then did some research and discovered that there is a late release of tickets online that sometimes occurs. I signed up to the Wimbeldon ticketing mailing list. 

On our first day in London came this wonderful email. An email advising that a limited amount of tickets would be released online in the coming days at specific times. After a few failed attempts we managed to get tickets to the Second Round! A full day and night at Centre Court. What a dream come true! We managed to see Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki. What a treat. We also managed to see some royals, Prince Charles and Camilla. 

Centre Court
Prince Charles and Camilla in the front row. They only stayed to watch Federer. 
The man Roger Federer
The Royal box. Yes there are cushions where the royals were sitting. Haha
Okay this a crappy photo of Djokovic that I took via instagram on my iPhone. Please excuse! I stupidly didn't take my SLR with me that day.
The Lavazza Cafe
Avocado & Prawn Salad
It's not Wimbledon unless there is a rain delay
The Wimbledon Store. 
Love love these Ralph Lauren blazers. 
This is the train station at Southfields, one of the train stations in the Wimbledon area. Notice the tennis court surface on the platform. Very cool.
Some memorabilia we purchased from the Wimbledon Store. 

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