Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paris Part Two: Musée du Louvre

Happy New Year! 2013 here we are. I thought I would begin the year continuing with my travels from Europe. I had during my time off from work over the holidays to get busy posting on the blog but unfortunetely we had problems with our internet provider. I couldn't upload any photos. It was hell! Thankfully, all sorted now! So back to Paris as I continue with my photo diary. 
The Louvre, the one place you must visit in Paris. People tend to go on about how large it is. Seeing this landmark is something else. It's like a city in itself. It's a place I definitely can't wait to go back to and continue exploring. 
On the day we decided to visit the museum was the one day per month where entry is free of charge (unknown to us). Yes, great, a freebie. But no the lines were something else. As you can see from the photographs I really enjoyed seeing Napoleon's apartment. 

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