Monday, April 1, 2013

Barcelona Photo Diary: Part One

After Paris, our next stop in our European adventure was Barcelona. We stayed just off La Rambla, the main street in the CBD. Boy was this a place that never sleeps. Arrive at a club at midnight and it's completely dead. It's 2am and people are just arriving. All hours of the night there are young people swarmed in the streets. It wasn't even the weekend. Unfortunately, you can definitely see the effects of the European financial crisis. A lot of people unemployed. A lot of people offering you drugs. 

What I loved most about the city is the attitude of the people, the city. Laid back, carefree, easy going. What I equally loved was Zara. Wow. The selection, the prices, it doesn't compare to anywhere else. I would definitely head back to Barcelona, solely for Zara.... oh and some tapas. Yum! I'll save that for the next post. 

La Rambla
Barcelona Marina
English Pub where we watched the State of Origin. Husband couldn't bare to miss it. 
The alcohol at Carefour supermarket, so so cheap!


  1. Oh how I love Barcelona, one of my fav places when I was in Europe 2 years ago. I had to buy Shampoo & Conditioner at that supermarket, that was an experience I almost ended up with 2 shampoo's their bottles are all the same color!

  2. Look at that womans suburn! LOL!
    I LOVED Barcelona - Did you venture out to Sitges??
    Gaudis work is so impressive. I went in 09 and looked like "some" progress has been made in 4 years. Lol (it always looks the same) haha.
    Great photos :)

    - KK


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