Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ibiza Photo Diary - the Beach, the Sun, the Parties.

Ibiza, the place to be, the party island. We travelled from Barcelona to Ibiza via a cruise boat. During the European summer they depart quite regularly. It's a comfortable and affordable ride. It was the only Spanish island we explored but definitely want to head back to explore some more islands in Spain. What I loved about the Spaniards is their laid back attitude. 

We were only there for a couple of nights. We went to F*** Me I'm Famous at Pascha where David Guetta played. Now I'm no fan or anything, it was just the big night to go to while we were there. As the old hag that I am, if we stayed longer I'm not sure I could have withstood couple of nights partying in a row. Definitely a place I would have loved to have gone to when I was pre-old hag. Nonetheless, I had an awesome time.  Awesome atmosphere. Europeans know how to enjoy themselves. Whether it be partying by night or sun baking topless by the beach. Oh to be back there this summer. Highlights would have to be the nightlife and watching the sunset at Sant Antoni beach. 

We were running late to make it in time for the sunset but thankfully made it. Thank you cab driver. 
The Pascha girls. They were everywhere promoting some party or rather. Yes, Spanish girls are so beautiful.
Yep, definitely had to take a photo with this lady. Not posting it. Yes, it did include hands on boobs and yes I was asked not to. 
Free candy at Pascha. It was some good candy.
Partying the night away means missing out on the hotel breakfast. Thankfully found a great spot to eat near the hotel. Omelette with Bocconcini salad. 
How could you reist Sangria in Spain?

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