Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ginger Passionfruit Trifle

This dessert ticks all the right boxes. When you have unexpected guests or an unexpected visit to a friend's place comes up, it's often hard to work out what to do? Should I bring something? Should I buy a cake, some sweets? Or..... should I make something? With little time on offer and wanting something with bit of a zing, Nigella Lawson comes to our rescue. 

Recipe from Nigella Lawson

400-500g shop bought or of course homemade sponge cake
125ml ginger wine
500ml thickened creme
4 teaspoons icing sugar
8 passionfruit


1. Slice or break the sponge cake into pieces and arrange half of them in a shallow dish, large deep bowl or cake stand with an upward curve on the edge. 
2. Pour half the ginger wine over the cake that has been placed into the dish.
3. Place the remaining sponge cake pieces over the rest and pour the remaining ginger wine over it.
4. Whip up the creme with the icing sugar until you get soft peaks.
5. Scoop the insides of 2 passionfruit into the bowl of creme and fold in before moulding the creme over the sponge.
6. Scoop out the remaining passionfruit over the creme so it is doused and dripping in the passionfruit.  


  1. MMm hubby would love this as he adores passionfruit and ginger together! Maybe I'll make this for him if he behaves ;)

  2. Yum! This looks oh so amazing.

  3. oooh it looks lovely in that bowl, I need to stop looking at these dessert recipes or I will never lose the 5 kg's I've stacked on!

  4. wow that looks amazingly delicious! That bowl is also so cute!!


  5. Lorraine- Such great flavours together. Haha. Yes only if he behaves!

    Jessie- Thanks! It is delish. Mmmm.

    Emoshoenal- Tell me about it! I've also stacked 5 kgs on and these desserts aren't really helping. But I can't say no!

    Shaina- The bowl is a vase! haha. Quite versatile!

  6. Gotta love an easy trifle with flavour :)

  7. That bowl would make serving the trifle somewhat difficult, methinks...


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