Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic

A few weeks ago I went to my first food bloggers meet! This year it took place at Centennial Park. I was very nervous as I didn't know anyone. Got there and all went well. I had such a lovely time meeting lots of bloggers from blogs I had been already been following and new faces too. Plenty more blogs to add to my reading list.

Now for the food. As you will see from the photos, there was an enormity of food. Of course I tried plenty of it. Pig for life! 

Thanks to Suze from Chocolatesuze and Helen from Grab Your Fork for organising the meet. Looking forward to the next one!

I made these ricotta, cherry tomato and chive tarts. Recipe here
Lay made these wonderful pandan cupcakes. Loved them! Waiting for a recipe so I can make them myself. 
Gaby from Lateral Eating made these bacon wrapped goodies. Loved the dates wrapped in bacon. Yum!
Peanut butter cake with maple bacon by Rita from Spoon, Forks & Chopsticks. Didn't get to try this!
Katie from A True Love of Mine made these delicious caramel filled melting moments.
Simon from Simon's Food Favourites with his pop up bar. Definite highlight.
April from Polkadots & Chopsticks made these aniseed pork things in wontons. I love aniseed, so I loved this. She also brought these lovely chocolate pies that I didn't manage to take a photo of.
Thanh from Spoonfuls of Goodness made these feta and eggplant meatballs with tzatziki. Very nice.  
Simon from The Heart of Food setting up for the group photo
Group photo courtesy of  The Heart of Food. I am somewhere hidden in the back!


  1. WOW. I'm so impressed. It all looks amazing!

  2. there was so much food! and i loooved your tarts! thanks heaps for coming to the meetup!

  3. I tried your little tarts, great idea - they were tasty!

  4. Sonya- I know. So impressive! It was so hard to resist everything.

    Suze & Muppy - Glad you liked them! :)

    Sugarpuffi- Thanks!

  5. What a great idea, you all look like you had a great time and SO MUCH FOOD! I just love Hendricks Gin, I bet it went well with the fairy bread :)

  6. Wow, look at all that fab food! Love it.

  7. Haha food bloggers rule a picnic when it comes to food


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