Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Solange Knowles

Beyonce's younger sister Solange is definitely one to watch. I love the complete contrast to her sister's style. I find Beyonce's style predictable, boring and overly polished. Exception would have to be all the lovely couture in her video for her track "Run the World". Her sisters style on the other hand is fun, slightly edgy and quirky. I love that she isn't afraid of bright colours and mixing prints. Oh and that hair, love it. 
How cute and well dressed is her son?
Images via Tumblr, Refinery29 and Google Images


  1. I'm so inspired by those photos! I've never really paid much attention to her (except to note that she is just gorgeous, curse that family's amazing genes! :P) but I think that's about to change. The 6th outfit from the top is just to die for.

  2. She is amazingly gorgeous! She looks incredible, especially in that yellow suit! Wow!
    Also, thankyou for your comment :D And also I got these amaaazing sticker packs for only $3 from Kmart, they are packed with 3d stickers, glitter stickers and flat stickers! And some even have temporary tattoos haha! They are in the scrapbooking section, they're called ''Craft Market Sticker Packs''. I've found them to be pretty much ideal for decorating letters, and the sticker sheets are a great size for enclosing in letters as gifts (better than the other ones in my pic). Anyway sorry for the giant novel about stickers hehe!!! xx

  3. Wow her style is so different from Beyonces! In a good way too (as I'm sure she is sick of being compared to her) :)

  4. She is very stylish indeed.. Love the way she plays with lots of colours at the same time
    lee x

  5. Riotersbloc- Definitely amazing genes!

    Corrina- Haha thanks for that! I'll be sure to check it out. Such a cute simple to brighten up their day. Great way to feel like a child again. Who can resist stickers?

    Lorraine- I know can you imagine having Beyonce as your older sister?

    Lee- She sure knows how to work with colour.

    Anonymous - Sure is!

  6. Fab outfits - nice compiling here! I'd love to see some of those brightly coloured ensembles in the workplace - colourful pants with cropped blazers FTW!

  7. WOW!!! She looks amazing. I really do love Solanges style. Love the edgyness and bright colours. And I had NO idea she had a son - he's so adorable!



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