Friday, September 23, 2011

Nail it...

Okay so I hate acrylic nails. Loathe it. Detest it. I'm all about simple beauty routines, nothing complicated. I've only had about 3 manicures and  1 pedicure (for my wedding). Okay I should stop counting. I know, what sort of girl am I? I can't stand the idea of sitting still and waiting for nails to dry.  I'm the one with the chipped nail polish who can't be bothered removing the nail polish. I know it's very bad. To avoid that problem I avoid putting nail polish on. Although I love buying nail polish, have lots of it but rarely use it. 
At the moment feeling very inspired by some of this. Check out the nail art. I would never had considered nail art but some of this has wow written all over it. 
Does anyone know anywhere in Sydney that applies the minx nail things? Dying to try these silver foiled nails!

Alexander Wang's New nail collection for Spring 2012.....ahhhh heavenly.
Chanel's nail collection for Vogue's Fashion Night
Photos via Refinery 29, They all Hate Us, Tumblr and Karla's Closet


  1. I never do anything with my nails! Except to, um, bite them :/ I love seeing beautiful nails on other people, but I'm never inspired enough to do anything with my own :P

  2. I hate fake nails but those first two pics are seriously lustworthy! And love those Chanel colours! :D

  3. Awesome nail inspiration! I am so useless with nail polish but these photos really make me want to give it a go!



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