Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time for a Kitchen Tea

My post today includes two very special kitchen teas I attended. The first was Ms MM's kitchen tea back in August. There was a lovely set up. Her backyard was beautifully decorated and the food was amazing. Here are some pics...
Desserts from Pasticceria Papa
Little vases with flowers that were given out to each guest
Goodie bags for all the guests
Another Kitchen Tea

Earlier in the year, in July I had Mrs A, my new sister-in-law's kitchen tea. We had yum cha for lunch at Fei Jai in Potts Point. Great Chinese food. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get photos of the food at Fei Jai. Afterwards, we had afternoon tea at her home. However, here some shots from the afternoon tea. Love the floral arrangements by Ms C. Stunning. 

I made a lemon and raspberry cheesecake for the event. The photos I took of it are awful. The bowl had frosted up so you can't really see anything. Will do a separate post with it and with a proper photograph.
Basboussa aka. semolina slice made by my mother.... a childhood favourite.
Lemon flavoured homemade macarons. Really really good homemade ones made by Mrs P.
Ricotta Creme and Blueberry Tarts... don't ask how many of these I had. Itsy bitsy delights made by Ms C.
Trifle made by Mrs A's mother  with tempered chocolate on top that she made herself. The chocolate melted beautifully in your mouth.


  1. Wow! This post is heavenly. I love the Chanel goodie bags ;)
    The flowers in the second tea are gorgeous and I'd love to know more about that semolina slice :)

  2. I know the goodie bags were a very cute idea. It's a traditional Egyptian/middle eastern slice made out of semolina and soaked in sugar syrup. I'll be sure to post up the recipe for it soon. My mum makes a lovely version of it that isn't sickly sweet as some others you can purchase from Lebanese sweet stores.

  3. Oh my gosh! These look absolutely divine! What lovely ideas, and sooo pretty! I want to host one now! X

  4. Just gorgeous! And I love the posters of the screen goddesses too-it adds to the girly atmosphere!


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