Tuesday, August 7, 2012

London: Part One: The Sights

After our stay in Dubai we flew to London town. There is something about London that immediately resonates with Australians. It's like a home away from home. I can see why thousands of Australians choose to live there. While we were there we visited my husband's cousin Ms K who moved there last year. It was really lovely to catch up with her. I had an awesome time while we were there. I could definitely stay there for weeks on end. 
Buckingham Palace
Watching the changing of the guards. It's amazing seeing the sheer number of tourists. This was not long after the Jubilee. 
Vintage double decker red bus
Oxford Street
Outside the Houses of Parliament
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Big Ben
St Paul's Cathedral
Inside St Paul's Cathedral
Inside St Paul's Cathedral
London Bridge
Olympic Rings under the London Bridge
On the London Bridge whilst riding the hop on, hop off bus
Poster on the River Thames celebrating the Jubilee
The Old Bailey, Central Criminal Court 
While we were in London the husband and I went to the Old Bailey and watched part of a criminal trial. As expected, it was extremely similar to the way us convicts do it in Australia.
Inside the All Saints store
While shopping at Oxford Street (heaven on earth!) I was in awe of this Singer sewing machine display at All Saints! My mum's sewing machine is identical. Too funny. 
Westminster Abbey
On one of our London mornings we managed to attend a mass at Westmister Abbey. It was held inside the Church's St Faith's Chapel. It's a small intimate chapel inside the Abbey. There was about 10 people there. It was quite lovely to have the Holy Eucharist and attend mass at such an amazing church. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photographs inside the Church. 
Stay tuned for the next installment. 


  1. I worked in London for two years - your post brought back lots of memories. It looks like you covered a lot during your time there!

  2. Very jealous! Yeah we definitely kept ourselves busy. Can't wait to return and see more!


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