Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paris Part Three: St Germain Markets and French Food Adventures

Oh St Germain. Oh what I would give to be a Parisan living in St Germain. One thing I enjoyed checking out is the food markets there. They are located near the Odeon metro station in the 6th arrondissement. I wish we had time for a picnic with all the great produce. We managed to purchase some raspberries. They were magnificent (insert French accent, preferably that of Garance Doré haha).

Some of our food adventures in Paris

The Laduree on the Champ Elysees was being renovated. Oh the heart break. That had a pop up store there instead.
Eclair Ispahan with chaux pastry, rose flavoured creme, raspberries and rose petals. Amazing. Can't wait until the Sydney stores starts to sell the pastries  This was heaven. My husband chose it and I didn't think it would be anything special.  
I have been told this is the best gelato in France. Loved it. 
Mr Crepe man wasn't impressed with the use of my camera. If there was one I loved in Paris, it was a simple crepe with cheese. Nothing else but cheese. The perfect French breakfast. 
Our time in Paris brought a bit of an obsession with French onion soup and steak with French fries. 
Drinks at a French pub while watching the Euro cup finals
Yes the coffee throughout Europe is a world of contrast to the coffee in Australia. I still managed to enjoy it. Check out that froth. 

I can't wait to go back to Paris. I could just go back there for the food and I would be one happy lady. 

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  1. I'm not even going to try and be dignified about this - I was literally salivating as I scrolled down through this post. LOOK AT ALL THAT CHEESE!!!!!!!!

    And yes, the rose ispahan concoctions from Laduree are heaven on earth. Good work, husband.


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