Friday, May 27, 2011

New Glasses

Say hello to my new Prada glasses. This is my reading/all-day pair. Still need to purchase a distance pair. 

It was rather delightful to finally purchase a new pair! Although it wasn't all smooth sailing. 

I originally bought a different pair of Prada glasses. I was super excited about them but slightly paranoid that the frames were too big for my face... or too big in general for anyone's face. Let's say they were at least double the height of the orange ones and wider. 

via Google Images

I think these are the glasses. Hmmm mine may have been larger. They look okay on this chic but let's swap her face and replace it with a larger face aka. my face. 

So, I brought them home with me. My husband resorted to teasing and laughing at me. He thought I looked really young, he couldn't take me seriously and he allegedly couldn't concentrate while talking to me. I laughed and I defended my lovely pair of glasses. I told him how awesome I thought they looked on me. But my my, each time I looked at the mirror I thought I saw the glasses get bigger and bigger before my eyes, as if they were suffocating my face. 

So yes, husband won, I lost. I exchanged them for the orange pair. Much happier now.

As for the new pair, please don't tease me. I normally hate sparkly stones but I really liked the touch of orange. Felt I had to sacrifice my dislike for the stones on the side. They will probably fall off. 


  1. They are beautiful glasses.

    I know what you mean about the giant glasses though, I've tried some on and tried to convince myself that they look good... no dice.

    You've reminded me I need to get my script checked.


  2. Thanks! It's just so annoying when you like something so much but it just doesn't suit you. Yes get your script checked! It's so depressing, each year I get mine checked, each year my eyes get worse. Old lady in waiting.


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