Monday, January 16, 2012

Afternoon Tea for a Baby Shower

At the moment it really is the season for babies. Many dear friends of mine are pregnant. It's definitely an exciting time sharing in their joy. 

In Mr D & E's family there are no babies. His cousin Mrs M is pregnant and of course the family is very excited about a new family member, a baby girl. She is due in the next few weeks. Mrs M recently had a baby shower with an afternoon tea theme. There were desserts aplenty. In these situations I do not have much control and l love to try a bit of everything. How can one resist?

Love this floral arrangement. It screams out summer.

Assorted tarts from Pasticceria Papa.
Passionfruit and raspberry flavoured macarons
Mrs M's Carrot Cake 
Baked Ricotta Cheesecake from Papa's. One of my all time favourite desserts.
Paternal grandmother-to-be's traditional italian biscuits with chick peas
Cannolis from Papa's and some homemade biscuits - don't remember the type!
The baby's room. Too cute for words.
Short bread cookies from Polka Dot


  1. What a gorgeous feast for a baby shower!!! Those shortbread cookies are SO adorable!

  2. What a stunning spread! I love the tea sets and the marshmallow glass canister! :D And that Pasticceria Papa cake is amazing :D

  3. This is beautiful in every way. But I must say... THE BABY'S WALLPAPER!!! It's fabulous! :)

  4. I love all of those pretty tea-cups! And the cakes...oh my!

  5. oh my goodness so much food!!!! looks so delicious :) and those cookies are too cute!

  6. I thought I already commented on this but I must have been distracted by the pure awesomeness of everything in this post! My original comment was along the lines of "Omg wowowow everything looks amazingly delicious and beautiful!" hehe xx


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