Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Time

In December I celebrated my birthday. To celebrate Mr D+E and I went to see Richard III. Kevin Spacey was amazing. Great performance. We then celebrated my birthday with my family, with a joint birthday with my older brother. As both our birthdays are during the christmas fasting period (we fast and eat vegetarian in the lead up to Christmas) my mother put on a seafood banquet. She does this every year. Of course I throughly look forward to it each year. Later that month I celebrated with friends at Mizuya Japanese and Karaoke restaurant. Of course had lots of fun! Last but not least was my eagerly awaited combined birthday and anniversary gift, Alexander Wang Rocco black in brass hardware. Finally! Definitely a wonderful birthday! Now for some pics.  

1 & 2. Photos taken outside the Lyric Theatre during the intermission. 
3, 4 & 5 - Seafood platter, salt and pepper calamari and watermelon, mint and feta salad from Flying Fish & Chips at the Casino before Richard III.
6 & 7. Dinner at Hurricanes including their chocolate birthday pudding followed by my crappy attempt at photographing fireworks outside. 
8 & 9. Birthday flowers from my sister in law.
10 & 11. My new Rocco. Love. 
12. Photos of my mum's seafood banquet. First up a platter of crabs... my favourite!
13. Platter of spicy prawns.
14. Seafood pasta salad 
15. Thai inspired mussels 
16. Curry rice with prawns and veggies.
17. The most amazing baked snapper stuffed with rice, garlic, coriander and other goodies. Will be posting up a recipe soon. So beautiful. 
18. Crumbed fish fillets, simple but done so well. 
19 & 20. My mum's fruit and nut cake. So addictive. I had way too many pieces. 


  1. Happy Birthday for December! Gorgeous pics, all that food looks incredible, I looove seafood! Your new handbag is tdf :D

  2. Oh wow all the food look aaaaamazing! Your mum must be a really good cook. This post has made me really hungry now haha.


  3. happy bday!
    recently went to flying fish myself. i was sad that the chips werent cooked enough D:

  4. I LOVE your Roco!!
    Happy birthday doll, it looks like you had an amazing day.


  5. Happy Birthday!! And may there be many more to come that come with delicious food and delicious bags too! :D


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