Friday, February 17, 2012

Caroline Issa

Effortless style, something many strive for. There is nothing quite like a person's style where they look like they haven't tried too hard but they still look fabulous. Although it's probably a contradiction, you do need to make an effort to look good. Someone who masters that effortless art is Caroline Issa, the fashion director at Tank Magazine (an independent fashion and arts magazine from the UK). 

Even as a streetstyle blog darling her outfits aren't over the top, they don't scream "look at me", they are just cool. She is one of those people who looks good with their hair tied up in a bun. If only we could all get away with that! Caroline was recently interviewed by Garance Doré . Check out the interview here

Images from Vogue, Stockholm Streetstyle, Tumblr, Google Images, The Fashion Spot.

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