Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photography by Nicole Trunfio

Wikipedia tells us that a model is an individual employed with the purpose of displaying or promoting fashion clothing or a product. 

Now sometimes these models have other purposes. One in particular, Nicole Trunfio also has her own jewellery line, and is now acting. She also participates in photography as a hobby. I've always been a fan of her. She has a classic look about her. 

Given I'm a fan, that means I'm fan of her facebook page. She has a photo album on there showcasing some of her personal photography. I'm liking it. Few top models feature too. Models hang with models you know. 

Lily Cole looking very innocent and vulnerable 
Sasha Pivovarova showing us how it's done
Such a random shot.
Adore this shot of her! Look straight of the 1940's.
Nicole at Karl Lagerfield's party this week celebrating the new Coca Cola Light.


  1. She's very talented! They're really gorgeous photos and agree she has a very classic look to her :)

  2. Not just a pretty face! Thanks for dropping by. Been following your blog for ages! Looking forward to your book. Hope it is all going well.

  3. Doesn't Nicole is beyond fabulous?..
    Great photos selections by the way.
    Ps. I am so sorry if I haven't been able to read your blog lately.. I was on holiday.. but I am back now!
    Lee x

  4. Indeed, she is beyond fabulous. Hope you had a great time. Look forward to seeing some Brazilian snaps.

  5. She skateboards too! Gorgeous AND cool. :)

  6. Of course, I completely forgot about that! I remember watching a video of her skateboarding on style.com. Very cool.


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