Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zara Sydney Opening Party 19 April 2011

After years of rumours and talks of Zara coming to Australia, Zara finally arrived. Australia is now blessed to join the juggernaut brand's 1700 stores. We are the 78th country to house the brand. Finally, is an understatement. 

I went to the special opening party on Tuesday evening. A friend and I were the very first "customers" to enter the store (let us exclude the PR and media folk who were there earlier today). It started at 6.30pm. We got there at about 6.10pm and were the first in line. 

So what was it like? Brilliant. There was a great selection of clothing. All the basics and classics we love Zara for and the on trend pieces. To my surprise there was a lot of new stock that is currently available in their European stores, namely the bright coloured stock (mainly orange, pink, blue and red) and some winter stock I recall seeing from the Northern hemisphere's previous winter (lots of black and beige). 

The store featured three levels. Ground level featuring the womens collection, lower grand featuring the children's ranges which included baby and TRF (the junior women's range). Lastly level 1 featured the men's collection. 

I must say the prices were reasonable. Such a relief. It is questionable how other Australian retailers will now compete and survive. The market surely must change.  Now there is a reason not to shop online. A reason to actually get into a store. I am already planning my follow up visit next week. With two shipments per week, how can one resist? 

I was a very good girl. Only purchased a couple of items (with a great deal of control). I thought to myself the store isn't going anywhere. Will post separate post about that. Yes, I took lots of photos. Apologies if they're crappy. I was occupied with the excitement and the clothing before my eyes. Forgive me. It was overwhelming. No really it was. I am still in awe. 
Don't forget the official opening is today. The store opens at 9.30am and I believe it closes at 9pm. Happy shopping! :)
Women's level
Love this orange blazer. I was about to purchase it but decided not to. I came to the conclusion that I had too many blazers including bright coloured ones. I live in blazers during the week at work and on the weekend. Help me I have a problem! Back to my story, while I was holding this and deliberating about it, a man with a very thick European accent approached me pointing to the blazer and said to me words to this effect: "This is very big, very popular in Europe at the moment. Straight from the catwalk. You're very smart girl." Something along those lines. At the time I didn't know who this man was. Upon arriving home (thank you SMH) I realised he was none other than Jesus Echevarria, the chief communications officer of Zara. I'm sorry Mr Echevarria I loved the blazer so much but didn't buy it. Something tells me I will be back there for it. Oops!
The staff manning the change rooms. Let me just say the change room on the women's level is great. It looks like it fits at least 20 people, maybe more. 

Men's level

Children's Level
Good night Zara. Let's just say I was there for an awful long time. It was so hard to leave.


  1. Wow!!!
    I am SO unbelievably jealous!
    Everything looks incredible, thankyou sooo much for posting pictures (which are great btw!!)
    Why the hell do I live in Brisbane lol!
    I'm dying to see your purchases!!!!

  2. want pink top!
    want black leathery top.

  3. Thank you so much for an awesome review and post.

    Excellent photos.

    It looks like the range is much better than I had hoped for.


    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. I'm so excited about Zara opening and the range looks great! I'm so used to buying it overseas. Glad to hear the prices are good too :D

  5. thank you for posting, it looks so awesome! i cannot wait for melbourne store to open!! come on Zara!!!

  6. Thanks for the post! It looks amazing! Super excited for Melbourne to open, however I don't like big crowds when shopping so I may wait for a few days after opening!

  7. Corina- At least this gives you a reason to pop by Sydney!

    Holypop- Love both those items. Good taste. Everything in pink looks so good. Such a lovely tone of it.

    SSG- No problem. Definitely much better than expected.

    Lorraine- It's great now overseas holidays won't need to have all the Zara locations mapped out in the itinerary!

    Annoymous + MagickalGoddess- Not long now for you guys! So glad we beat Melbourne to it. :)

  8. I was dying to go there today but I can't deal with 2 million people at the same time. The store looks amazing the pieces looks super delicious.
    Lee x

  9. You have such an amazing blog! Wow keep it up girl!
    Zara looks amazing in your pictures! I adore that green and black striped top with that leather skirt!
    soooo cute!


  10. Fabulous ZARA!! I'm glad you finally have one there! :D I have to be honest, and I can't imagine my purchase without ZARA.. In Spain all the people wear ZARA.. normal, ZARA is spanish haha, stupid things that I say! Thanks for sharing the store in sydney!! :D I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



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  12. Lee- the store plus the stock look fab. You must check it out. I hear there were still lines and crowds there yesterday. Wonder when it will calm down!

    Shaina- Thanks so much lovely lady. Yes, love that striped top plus leather skirt. Really want to head back for that skirt. Loving your blog too. :)

    Sick by trend- Yes I know finally! We are very behind here in Australia. Just thanking the heavens above. Shall check out your blog now. :)


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